Many times, we forget that we simply need to take some time off. Even the most advanced Apple product needs to reset occasionally and so does your body and spirit. Give yourself a chance to calm down, rethink things, and return to your everyday life more uplifted. We gladly suggest to you a tour to Medjugorje in Bosnia. Medjugorje is known as one of the world’s most famous Roman Catholic sacred sights. It became famous for the Blessed Virgin Mary, who began to appear in 1981 to six children, and the place eventually became a pilgrimage place for thousands that visit this holy place each year.

Most of the people come to Medjugorje and stay from a couple of days to a week where they also take advantage of the nearby amazing places. You can also pass through Medjugorje while exploring the Adriatic Coast and the rest of Bosnia. Let us know how long you prefer to stay, and we will adjust your itinerary to your wishes.

On Your Tour to Medjugorje, a Guided Tour is a Must

We will organize a local guide for you that will give you all the insights into the history of Medjugorje. The town has been marked by the events of an environment that throughout the centuries has tried to seek, often in a dramatic way, the peaceful coexistence of the various cultures and religions that integrate it. Hear the story of how it all started on 24 June 1981 when six children aged between 10 and 17 allegedly saw an incredibly beautiful young woman on a hill. The apparition was to be repeated the next day, when the children again saw the indescribably beautiful – Our Lady. After falling to their knees, they prayed together, and Mirjana asked Our Lady to give her a sign to show people that they were not liars or mad. This apparition was to end with the words, “God be with you, my angels!”

Climb the Two Hills

After the city tour, you can also walk up the Apparition Hill. A large wooden cross is erected on the path, marking the place where Our Lady, on the third day of appearing, through one of the present children, sent a message and called for peace for the first time. A tour to Medjugorje would not be complete for most without climbing the second hill, Krizevac.

In 1933, an 8.56-meter-high cross made of reinforced concrete was erected on its summit, 520 meters high. The cross itself contains relics that were brought from Rome, especially for the occasion. A piece of the cross that Christians venerate as the cross on which our Saviour Jesus Christ was crucified, which is in the church of Santa Croce di Gerusalemme in Rome.

The place attracts pilgrims not so much for its natural beauty or for the artistic value of the cross, but because many people claim to have seen luminous and other signs on the cross during the first years of the apparitions. They associated them with the apparitions of Our Lady, with Our Lady’s messages, and with the peace between God and man. The pilgrims – the faithful, understood that the cross was at the center of the messages of the Our Lady and that the true way to peace was through the way of the cross.

The Castle of Nancy and Patrick

If you still have a day left on your tour to Medjugorje, we will take you to a lovely fortress built by a married couple Nancy and Patrick, who sold their wealth in Canada and moved to Medjugorje. A bit on the outskirts they build a castle which, when they started construction, the initial intention was to build a facility that would be for spiritual renewal, for priests, pilgrims, nuns, theologians, for those sent by the Church. It was built by Patrick’s desire who could not be brought to church even at Christmas, even though he was raised as a Catholic. Here you will enjoy this peaceful place where everyone is welcome and hear this amazing story of how Patrick changed his lifestyle and ways of living.

Add Culture and Lovely Sights

We have some great places that you can also visit during the day while in Medjugorje and be back for the evening mass. Here are some suggestions and you can write us freely if they get your attention.

Visit Mostar if you are a traveler and an explorer at heart. With its most famous sight, the Old Bridge which is by far the most famous landmark in the city along the Neretva River. Most people come here solely for the Old Bridge. This famous stone bridge over the Neretva River was built between 1557-1566 and is the work of the Turkish builder Hajrudin. During the sad Balkan war, it was destroyed and rebuilt and in 2005 was inscribed in Unesco’s World Heritage List.

Add some nature to your tour to Medjugorje with Kravica waterfalls. A nature sight where you can also cool off in the hotter months, located just half an hour’s drive from the Medjugorje sanctuary.

Or visit Počitelj, a historical stone village and an open-air museum with a fortress that dates back to the Middle Ages.

Another suggestion would be Blagaj. Blagaj is a place that attracts attention with its enchanting nature and history. The freshness of the Buna River, the Dervish Tekija, and the Buna Spring are what make Blagaj special. You can visit the Dervish Monastery which was built in approximately 1520 or enjoy the surrounding nature and try some local food in one of the restaurants there.

When you start to plan your next holiday, let us know how many days you wish to stay in Medjugorje. Do you wish to visit the Adriatic Coast? We can add a tour to Medjugorje. Want to get to know the inner Balkans and see Serbia? This country pairs well with Bosnia. How about a two-week trip to the Balkans and staying for an extra night in Medjugorje?

Our routes can be adapted to your liking so you can get the most out of your holiday. Simply write to us and we’ll get right back to you.