We have been talking to a lot of clients and most of them regularly mention that they wish to enjoy some local experiences, apart from visiting the tourist attractions in Slovenia. The experiences can be from tasting local gastronomy, seeing some untouristy sites, or participating in activities. Below are some suggestions which may be interesting to you on your next trip to Slovenia. Let us know which would be more to your liking and we can easily include it in your tour of Slovenia or the Balkans.

Browse through these ideas on how to make your holiday more diverse.


This activity will definitely bring you close to nature. It offers you a relaxed day by the river or lake and gives you some local knowledge about different species of fish. On the excursion, you will be guided by a local fisherman with years of experience who will share with you the insides of fly fishing and advise you on how to catch your biggest marble trout, brown trout, grayling, or rainbow trout.

Guided fly-fishing trips are organized on the most popular fly-fishing rivers in Slovenia – Soča, Krka, Unica, Sava Bohinjka, Idrijca, Vipava, Kamniška Bistrica, and others. Recently, fly fishing on smaller rivers and watercourses has become more and more interesting. Fishing away from the eyes of onlookers, where you will experience real nature. We invite you to spend a day in unspoiled nature and try one of the local experiences on crystal clear waters.


Walk ‘’on top’’ of tree tops and share this space with birds and other animals, not likely seen on the forest floor, while enjoying nature with family or friends. This path is located in the Rogla Mountain one of Slovenia’s most important winter sports centers.

A little over a 1000-meter-long trail takes you up to 20 meters high among the spruce trees, with educational stations in between, and then takes you to the almost 40-meter-high tower at the end. The tower offers an unforgettable view through the forests of Pohorje and down into the valley, and if the weather permits it, even as far as the Slovenian Alps and beyond the borders of Slovenia.


Many love visiting botanical gardens in Europe so here is a chance for you to walk through the – probably the best-known and most visited botanical institution in Slovenia. Botanical garden Volčji Potok Arboretum is today home to an estimated 3,500 plants, making it one of the richest collections of its kind in Central Europe.

Arboretum Volčji Potok is located just half an hour’s drive from the capital Ljubljana, which is an excellent option for an afternoon visit or a relaxed day trip. You can choose to take a short route through the park or a longer one which is more complete. About an hour and a half would be needed for the shorter circuit of about 2 kilometers long. But if time is not an obstacle and you would like to experience the park in its entirety, we recommend the longer circuit, which covers about 4 kilometers – 85 hectares.


For those who enjoy a pint of a good cold lager or if you prefer to be served your favorite drop in a Bordeaux glass, this might just be an experience that you should look into.

Slovenia is a world leader in hop production and is the fifth-largest producer of hops in the world. The Slovenian beer scene seems to have experienced a renaissance in recent years. Brewing is really booming nowadays and, more and more people are talking about beer in general. Not only beer as a thirst-quencher, but also the beer-drinking culture is developing. This may also be due to the fact that micro-breweries producing kraft beers have flourished in Slovenia.

Try some beers in different places and you will see where Slovenia stands according to your liking. And for a unique experience, if you are on one of our Slovenian tours, tell your driver guide to make a quick stop at the beer fountain.

A glass of red or white? At a local winery or in a wine bar? Welcome to all those who want to broaden their wine horizons. Welcome beginners and welcome those who blindly distinguish between different varieties of wine.

Slovenia has been climbing up the wine ladder for some time now and is proudly accelerating on the steps. A country located between Italy, Austria, Hungary, and Croatia, is influenced by its neighbors in its gastronomy. This influence also affects the art of wine and its styles. The northern part is traditionally influenced by the Austrian/German style, with whites – Gewürztraminer, Pinot Blanc, Chardonnay, Riesling and Welch Riesling and Furmint as well as great sweet-preached wines. This part is also the homeland of the Blue Frankish – Lemberger.

On the other hand, the western and southwestern part of Slovenia, the Slovenian Littoral is divided into Goriška Brda / Collio, Vipava Valley, Karst, and Slovenian Littoral – the coastal area which is the homeland of great red wines: Refosco, Cabernets, Merlot, Pinot Noir, Barbera, as well as whites Malvasia, Ribola, Zelen, Pinela, Pinot Gris, Sauvignon Blanc, and Chardonnay.

Yes, we can include wine tastings as one of your local experiences in Slovenia. Simply mention it to us in your inquiry.


Local food, local ingredients. On your visit to Slovenia give your palate a chance to try a local bite or two. Try Slovenian gastronomy to get to know our place.

Probably two very good reasons for you to include Slovenian cuisine while hopping through the Balkans:

➔ Slovenia has the title of European Region of Gastronomy 2021.
➔ In 2022 the Michelin Guide revealed 58 recommended establishments, including 1 Two Star, 9 One Star.

But don’t worry if you think that these two options scream of high prices. Foodies will get more for their buck in the capital’s Open Kitchen (Odprta kuhna), an event set outside at Ljubljana’s main central market where locals come to mingle. If by any chance you are in Ljubljana between the months of April – October, on a Friday, do stop by and taste some of the varieties that local restaurants from different parts of the country offer. On a nice sunny day, this street-food type of service could definitely count as one of the local experiences in Slovenia.

If you are looking for a gastronomy tour, there are some good locations all around the country. Take a look at this itinerary and let us know if it might be of interest to you.


It could most likely be dinner in the world’s most intimate restaurant. 1500 m high in the Kamnik-Savinja Alps. Under the stars with a superb culinary offer. We present you – dinner on a wire.

The cabins of the Krvavec Mountain cable car are transformed into small private restaurants, especially for the occasion. The smallest restaurant under the stars can accommodate up to four people for a superb three-course dining experience in a private cable car cabin. While moving you will also get fabulous views that change depending on the cable car position.

Contact us at info@arslongatravel.com and we will check the available times and include this in your next visit to Slovenia.


Some call it the apex predator – lonely at the top of the food chain. Some just love its cuddly-type image and enjoy watching the cubs tumble around. Whether it is because of the first or the second reason, many choose to go bear watching, seeing bears in their natural habitat. This experience counts as a local one. Why? Because Slovenia is a country of forests where brown bears have their habitat.

Brown bear watching is something that practically everyone can participate in. It is usually done late in the afternoon/evening, when bears are most likely to come out in search of food. It is primarily a nocturnal animal, although it is often seen during the day. You will be accompanied by a local guide/forest ranger who will take you on a trail that leads you deep into the heart of the forests until you see the first signs of wild animals.

Bear watching is done from a tree observatory where you quietly wait for the bears to show. The whole experience takes a couple of hours depending on how long it takes them to come out in search of food. It is also possible to see other wild animals – deer, birds, and other game, which you can photograph.

Give us your feedback about what you wish to experience on your next trip and we can include it in your tailor-made holiday.