The bubbles in the thermal water. Warm pools that you just don’t wish to get out of. But when you do, you hop in the sauna and later treat yourself to a massage. You take a break for a minute and have a lovely fresh salad with local ingredients and a fruit smoothie on the side. And your body keeps thanking you over and over again. Can you imagine it? You are on holiday, on a wellness vacation in Slovenia.

Check some of our suggestions below for your next well-being holiday in Slovenia. Whether you add a day visit to one of the spa centers or stay the night while on your Slovenia tour. 

Write to us and let us know how many wellness visits should we include in your next vacation.


When you visit the lovely coastal towns of Piran, Koper, Izola, or Porotorož you can enjoy some time in a relaxing environment. On the main boardwalk of Portorož, you can opt for two. One would be Terme Portorož, part of the LifeClass Hotels & Spa Resort. It is open all year round and you can enjoy the heated thermal pools, also with seawater.

The second would be to take a dip in a more exclusive spa center of the Kempinski Palace Hotel. The connected indoor and outdoor pools offer a relaxing swim in the seawater pools, heated to 28°C (82°F), all year round. There is also a jacuzzi with seawater where you can try a glass of sparkling wine, if that’s your ‘’cup of tea’’. Let us know if you would like to stay the night in either – when you come on a trip to Slovenia and Croatia.


Stay the night when you plan your trip to Slovenia and visit Ptuj or Maribor. We are talking about the Styria region of Slovenia. Maybe you choose our gastronomy tour in Slovenia and the route takes you to Ptuj, the oldest town in Slovenia. You could stay in Terme Ptuj where Hotel Primus gives your body a present in the form of warm natural thermo-mineral water. The warm thermal water is mild in its composition, but powerful when it comes to revitalizing the body. In the warmer months, you can also enjoy with your children in the outdoor thermal water park at Terme Ptuj.


In the town of Rogaška Slatina, a half an hour’s drive from the city of Celje, is where Donat mineral can be combined with spa treatments. Donat is mineral water from the springs, found only in this area, naturally enriched with a unique combination of minerals that contribute to the proper functioning of our digestive system. Enjoy the alpine air, mild climate, and unique location in one of many hotels there. Check out the Atlantida Hotel with its five-star experiences based on a 400-year tradition of healing mineral water, which will awaken your new vital energy. They mix your wellness vacation with great gastronomy, activities in the surrounding nature, and a Donat experience.


The ancient Romans were already aware of the healing effects of thermal water, and in 39 BC they built hot and cold-water pools in that very same spot. Centuries passed and the popularity of the springs with their miraculous water only grew. We are talking about Rimske Terme Thermal Resort, about halfway from Ljubljana to Maribor. The resort is set on a hill, surrounded by nature, a great place also for hiking or short morning walks after breakfast.

If you decide to stay here a couple of nights, our driver guide can easily take you on a day trip to Croatia to visit the capital Zagreb. You can leave in the morning, get to Zagreb, enjoy a guided tour, and be back at Rimske Terme in the afternoon, enough time to freshen up and prepare for dinner.

To take advantage of Slovenia’s wellness and spa locations, write to us if any of the above sounds interesting, and we’ll start preparing a lovely route with thermal water included. 

Come to Slovenia and try your wellness vacation in this part of the world.